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Templates are used to define the file set to be created based on different dimensions and devices.


If WEBP is enabled when the file is uploaded a WEBP version is generated.


You can enable caching to set amount of days the file can be cached at both CDN and browser

Variant Table

  • You can create up to 10 versions of the image.
  • You can specify the height and width of the image use 0 for auto height or width (maintain aspect ratio)
    • Example:- height of original image is 100px and width is 50px Setting width to 0 and height to 50px makes image height=50px width=25px
  • You can enable mobile and tablet versions and set different sizes for them
    • Optimus CDN is smart enough to analyze which platform is requesting an image and returns optimized images for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • If WEBP is enabled, a version of the WEBP image is autogenerated.
    • If the browser accepts WEBP then the WEBP image is returned automatically
Example:- If there are 3 variants, mobile, and tablet are enabled for all variants, and WEBP is also enabled Then for each image uploaded 2+3*3*2 = 20 images are generated 1. Original Image + WEBP Version (2) 2. For each variant 3 images (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) 3. For each variant 3 WEBP Images (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) 4. Hence for each variant 6 images and since there are 3 variants 3*6 = 18 images